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Here you can find reviews to our mixers. We are sharing our honest and personal experiences we’ve had with our gear. In the future, we will incorporate your feedback, as well!


The MACKIE 1642 VLZ4 is the gold-standard of audio mixers. It features 16 channels and provides XLR ins & outs as well as 1/4 inch connections. With this foundation it is predestined to serve you at bigger events and small to medium sized clubs.
One thing we want to particularly point out are the superb preamps which deliver very crisp and clear sound, without any signal noise.

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Mackie 1402 VLZ3

The 1402 VLZ3 convinced us with its compact form factor, excellent preamps and superb panel controls. Mackie is known for sturdiness and the 1402 does not fall short in that department with an all metal-case. Last but not least, the 14 channels are the perfect foundation for small to medium sized events which include many audio sources.

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Mackie 802 VLZ3

The 802 VLZ3 is our smallest mixer. It provides all essential features of a mixer, needed for a small-scale to medium event: three mic/line channels and two dedicated stereo line-input channels, and on top a stereo effects return and a tape return. Like its bigger brothers, the Mackie mic preamps sound extremely good.

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